An interdisciplinary center for experimental research in social science

About us

The Social Science Experimental Laboratory (SSEL) at NYU Abu Dhabi is an interdisciplinary center where experimental research in the social sciences is conducted. Our mission is to create mutually beneficial relationships with local universities, organizations, and the wider community by offering their members a useful opportunity to participate in social science research activities.

The Social Science Experimental Laboratory (SSEL) was founded by the late Professor Rebecca Morton in 2012. Becky was an outstanding professor and scholar whose work ranged across experimental economics and political science. The SSEL team is doing their best to continue Becky’s legacy and fulfill the SSEL vision and mission.

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At SSEL, we have a large dedicated space (48 workstations) and computer software for both in-person and online human behaviour experiments. We also have 15 portable devices which can be borrowed.

Enriching Academics

SSEL offers students across the UAE an opportunity to enrich their academic and research experience and inform their career paths by engaging them in the research process.

Participatory Experiments

The basic research tool used at SSEL is laboratory experimentation, in which participants engage in decision-making tasks in order to test theoretical predictions and/or the properties of proposed or existing models of human behavior.

Subject Pool

The lab's pool of human subjects continues to expand, which opens doors to researchers to explore new, interdisciplinary questions in experimental social science. You can learn more about how you can join our subject database here.